Known problems

Some known problems (and sometimes solutions) reported by GADM users.

There are now around 400 official districts in Afghanistan. There are also now 34 provinces (Daykundi, created from the northern part of Uruzgan, and Panjshir created from the northeastern part of Parwan or the northern part of Kapisa, depending on which sources you look at). There are also a number of unofficial districts and temporary districts; the situation there is constantly at flux, and the distinct borders are not available.

Most of the Buccaneer islands are missing. (Fixed in version 2.1 :)

Lachin Rayon is misnamed as Lenkeren and is a multipart polyogn with the actual Lenkeren Raion. (Fixed in version 2.1 :)

The first admin level of the country is not good. Look here for a good one : (Fixed in version 2.1 :)

A new province has been approved for Cuba. "Mayabeque comprises the 11 eastern municipalities of La Habana province with the capital in San José de las Lajas." (Fixed in version 2.1 :)

The data for Denmark is outdated. An administrative reform reduced the number of municipalitys to ca. 91 and the number of regions to five.

Democratic Rep. of the Congo
The eastern boundary between DRC and Rwanda and Burundi follows the course of the river which flows from Lake Kivu southwards into Lake Tanganyika. Your boundary between DRC and Burundi correctly follows this river, but the boundary with Rwanda is generalised and normally too far west. The boundary in the GAUL dataset is better in this respect.

does not include the new district boundaries for Saxony-Anhalt.

Ghana now has 170 local government units (district assemblies) (GADM has the 137 old ones)

Haiti is missing two commune boundaries - Tabarre and Cite Soleil

The Italian island of Pianosa (15 45' E 42 13' 27.84'' N) in the Adriatic is incorrectly placed on the Croatian map. (Reported by Mike Vella) (Fixed in version 2.1 :)

Magerøya island (Nordkapp) is missing. Reported by Tim Dawson. (Fixed in version 2.1 :)

Shariff Kabunsuan is included as a province, but this is no longer true since 2008. (Fixed in version 2.1 :) More data here:

Three powiats are missing: Wroclaw and Legnica (both situated in Lower Silesian) and Elblag (Warmian-Masurian). Here is a file with some remapping of names to make them the same as the ones used by Polish Statistical Office:

Data available for Romania at:
in wgs84 or national projection Stereo70
- country (frontiera) boundaries - level 0
- county (judete) boundaries - level 1
- places (localitati)

Moscow should be separate from Moscow region in the R level 1 file. Apart from this, Perm' and Komi-Permyak were merged into Perm' kray, Taymyr and Evenk were merged with Krasnoyarsk (as noticed in the remarks), Kamchatka and Koryak were merged into Kamchatka kray, Ust-Orda Buryat was merged with Irkutsk, Chita and Aga Buryat were merged to form Zabaykalsky kray.

The Level 1 (prefecture) and Level 2 (Commune) boundaries that you use for Rwanda pre-date the major administrative reform initiated in 2002 and brought into effect from the beginning of 2006. There are now 5 provinces (Intara) and 30 districts (Akarere) replacing the 10 prefectures and 142 communes. The districts are further sub-divided into three more levels, for which I do not have maps yet. Maps of the new provincial and district boundaries can be obtained from CGIS in Butare, and downloaded from the GAUL website

South Africa
GADM contains the boundaries of the magisterial districts which were in place in South Africa prior to the multiple rounds of local govt. redemarcation that took place after 1994. This is valuable -- itit makes it possible to compare stats which were collected for 100+ years on a magisterial district basis with more recent data. But for reference, current border data is available from

Abyei between Sudan and South Sudan is not delineated.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife province was identified as part of the province of Las Palmas
Some small Spanish territories on Moroccan coast missing. (Both fixed in version 2.1 :)

The boundary between Tanzania and Burundi, in the area between Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika, has been set to the "official" boundary of Tanzania, and does not correspond with the boundary shown on Burundi maps. Tha GAUL admin boundary maps of Africa do not attempt to resolve this conflict, but show both boundaries. Admin boundaries for Tanzania on the shores of Lake Victoria attempt to follow the shorelines and numerous islands. They are grossly oversimplified, and often innaccurate as compared to satellite imagery or to the SRTM-derived swb maps. Some other countries around this lake (eg Uganda) avoid this problem by using offshore linear boundaries, so that all islands within these polygons are assigned to a single administrative unit.

The island of Santa Barbara off LA is attributed to LA county instead of Santa Barbara county (reported by Jeff Gerbracht) (Fixed in version 2.1 :)

2 Uzbekistan territories inside Kyrgyzstan are missing

A number of small islands (Dependencias Federales) are missing. (Fixed in version 2.1 :)